Sunday, July 19, 2009

Conclusion Paragraph


I must say, it is thrilling to open up a blogging tracker and notice that in the past four weeks, we have gained over 200 unique views, an unprecedented accomplishment! Our greatest thanks to those viewers that make this possible- along with sending queries and comments to my email. A small note: it doesn’t hurt to leave them here as well!

Now we commence your conclusion paragraph. Remember that this is your final paragraph, and you should end it with (as this is an informative speech) an interesting fact or idea.

Example: Interesting Fact/Idea:

A recent poll taken shows that 65% (CNN-derived from University of Minnesota) of adolescents today get money from their parents for their personal usage. This means they may or may not have had to work for it, and may or may not have even earned that much money in their entire life. Remember: blogging and writing contests help keep your skills up, especially over the summer. Blogging lets you express your opinions, no matter the style or content. Writing contests also offer similar opportunities for exposure and experience. You can also be paid for both.

A brief recap:

In the last paragraph, you might notice that I didn’t include a connecting sentence, supporting detail, background information, or any of the sort. Why? I didn’t need to. Connect your paragraph to what, exactly? To the fact that blogging lets you write about what you wish, and is generally not monitored? Or what about a supporting detail, and background information? In this speech specifically, I made sure to finish up the paragraph quickly and with an “informative” statistic. I tried to extend the paragraph earlier, but it was excessively repetitive and lost my own interest, in all honesty. One thing to remember, bloggers: if you lose your own interest, you’ve definitely lost your audiences’.

As we conclude this week’s release, you may have noticed that there is evidence of an inspirational speech in it. Talking about blogging and writing contests aimlessly as a simply informative speech is doable, but rather boring. In this case, I tried to appeal to you with money, to keep you interested. A paragraph that I cut out because it was too inspirational and not informative was:

Call for Action’ Statement:

So the next time you’re on the internet, talking with a best friend or wishing you had a possible career or cash to donate, spend, invest, or otherwise just simply have, stop and think. Because the solution could be on that very page you’re looking at. Writing contests and blogging could be your key to adolescent success. All you need to do is to have the ambition and curiosity, and you’re already there. Thank you.

Note that if it were an inspirational speech, I could easily add the last paragraph and few more details to switch it around fully to one.
Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you all next week!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Greetings, adolescents and parents alike,

Now we commence your second body paragraph. Remember that it is a speech and not an essay- individual details and parts are not quite as significant (depending upon the length of the speech) as keeping your points and information well-delivered and clean. So, without further ado, let us jump right in:

Example: Connecting Sentence: (To connect this with your last paragraph, you need to talk about blogging. [Reference: “This is, as seen by many, a significantly larger profit than that of blogging.”])

Blogging is still, however, an interesting system. It is nothing new; blogging has been around ever since the computer and internet have.

Example: Supporting Detail: (Just like last time, this supports your preceding sentence with information)
Your profits are decided upon your writing quality, popularity, and revenue that the blogging company makes. On average, they share 50% of their profits they make from your work with you.

Example: Background Information and/or Statistics: (This is where you plant all of your background information and statistics)
Blogging profits are nothing to laugh at, however. The more you work, the more you write, and the quality of your writing decides your profit. Also, like writing contests, money is not the only incentive. Blogging let’s you express your ideas, and your thoughts, no matter the content. This can be a great system if you have a lot of things on your mind.

Now that I look back at what I wrote, you may notice that I leaned rather heavily on blogging profits in this particular paragraph. The main reason I did that was because blogging has often been slammed for its slow-pay-and-hard-work unavoidable aspect, so to speak. The only way to truly make money off of blogging, is, to be honest, to work hard- like any other “job” in the world. If you work hard enough, you can make money. I’m not saying you can make a living off of blogging, but that’s another story.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello all,

So, here we have arrived at your first body paragraph. Your first body paragraph should transition smoothly from your introduction and from your transition sentence that you wrote in your intro. (Example: “Essay contests, short story contests, poetry contests, and translations all weighed the possibility of also being published and winning earnings that could range anywhere between $50-$25,000 per win.”)

Example: Connecting Sentence (To connect this with your first paragraph you must talk about contests. Writing contests, to be specific)

Writing contests are probably one of the easiest and most fun ways to gain both skill and experience and money at the same time.
Example: Supporting Detail: (Back up what you previously said with a supporting detail or two)
I have entered two contests so far; I will enter a third in March and a fourth in June. The profit numbers for the contests that I have currently entered are $1,500 and $1,000.

Example: Background Information and/or Statistics:

My work would also be published in the magazines/newspapers by which the contests are run. This is, as seen by many, a significantly larger profit than that of blogging.
This may seem to be a short paragraph, but it got the job done. I talked briefly about contests, but not too long; remember: the objective in an informative speech is not only to inform the audience, but to keep them interested: remember, people won’t be “informed,” or otherwise remember your information unless they’re interested by your information. Keep it condensed and clean- you’ll notice a high grade (if you happen to be graded on your speech by your teacher) on your speech if both the audience and the teacher follow your speech from beginning to end.

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This is really great guys- I’ve been getting lots of emails already with questions and tutoring requests. Over the summer is a time that I’m sure will work for all of us!

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