Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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So, here we have arrived at your first body paragraph. Your first body paragraph should transition smoothly from your introduction and from your transition sentence that you wrote in your intro. (Example: “Essay contests, short story contests, poetry contests, and translations all weighed the possibility of also being published and winning earnings that could range anywhere between $50-$25,000 per win.”)

Example: Connecting Sentence (To connect this with your first paragraph you must talk about contests. Writing contests, to be specific)

Writing contests are probably one of the easiest and most fun ways to gain both skill and experience and money at the same time.
Example: Supporting Detail: (Back up what you previously said with a supporting detail or two)
I have entered two contests so far; I will enter a third in March and a fourth in June. The profit numbers for the contests that I have currently entered are $1,500 and $1,000.

Example: Background Information and/or Statistics:

My work would also be published in the magazines/newspapers by which the contests are run. This is, as seen by many, a significantly larger profit than that of blogging.
This may seem to be a short paragraph, but it got the job done. I talked briefly about contests, but not too long; remember: the objective in an informative speech is not only to inform the audience, but to keep them interested: remember, people won’t be “informed,” or otherwise remember your information unless they’re interested by your information. Keep it condensed and clean- you’ll notice a high grade (if you happen to be graded on your speech by your teacher) on your speech if both the audience and the teacher follow your speech from beginning to end.

Thank you for reading this week’s post; if you have any questions about your speech creation, by all means fire them away at (or really to) .
This is really great guys- I’ve been getting lots of emails already with questions and tutoring requests. Over the summer is a time that I’m sure will work for all of us!

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