Monday, June 22, 2009

Informative Speeches

Hello all,
This week we are delving into the style and poignant writing of informative speeches.
First objective:
The first objective is to, obviously, select your topic.
Second objective:
The second objective is to do a bit of research. Conduct interviews, chat with your parents, chat with your boyfriend or girlfriend, look through books, search the internet- anything, really, so that you can gather enough Intel and background on your topic to successfully create a high-quality informative speech.
Third objective:
Once you have done enough research, start drawing up some basic ideas, and, essentially, an outline. I personally never have enjoyed writing outlines, as they tend to come out more as basic paragraphs. But full sentences in outlines, remember, saves you from having to do more work later. Either way, an outline of your informative speech will come in handy.
We are taking a pause here as developing your outline is probably the most valuable part of your preliminary speech- next week, we will go through the specifics of writing a helpful outline, whether it has full sentences in it or not. Thanks for reading!
-Fresh Writing

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