Sunday, June 14, 2009

Overview of Continuation

I am soon going to open up a different blog for humor so that we can all get a laugh off of that at a separate location: here, I will make sure to focus on public speaking only.
We’ve talked about body language, we’ve talked about connecting with your audience, and we’ve talked about being nervous. We have not, however, gone over how to write a speech.
Speech writing is a nerve-racking business. Some argue it’s worse than standing up there and speaking, and some argue that it’s better to be the speaker than the writer. But, in the event that you happen to have to be both (most likely for a school project or business presentation), this production is for you.
There are, to start us off, many types of speeches you can write. You could write:
-An informative speech
-An inspirational speech
-A persuasive speech (can apply to inspirational speeches but not always)
-An impromptu speech (although you won’t really have time to write up an improvisation speech as the key word is improvisation)
In our next post, we will go into detail of each- from how to survive on the podium in an impromptu speech to how to write a blow-away speech that can win both the smiles of your teacher and perhaps a girl in your class you’ve been hoping to impress…?
Looking forward to seeing you next week!
-Fresh Writing

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